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S27 Little Trick

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Total Volume: 1,140 c.i. (18,68 Liter)

Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz  (1,7 Kg.)

Dimensions main bag: 19"h x 12"w x 7"d

The Trick:  

A great looking everyday-carry pack with an edgy, modern executive style.  With two interior sleeves for laptop and documents, they're perfect for going to the office, school, or travel.  And they have some hidden attributes that you'd expect from Eberlestock: for those who aren't satisfied with the conventional, these are innovative concealed weapons packs, with a quick-access built-in pistol holster as well as the ability to carry various carbines or long-guns in the aft computer / scabbard sleeve. The zip-away top allows full-frontal and top access to the main compartment; pull the zippers to quickly unveil a carbine or folded rifle. The Little Trick has a full-featured organizer array in the top pocket and an intuitive, easy-access layout. Expandable bottom increases overall volume and lengthens the scabbard, allowing you to customize the pack for load size and weapon length.


- Rare-earth magnetic openings allow quick access to handgun concealed carry pouches from either side of the pack.  

- Loop-velcro PALS webbing inside allows you to rack either MOLLE- or velcro-backed accessories.  

- Interior pockets for hydration bladder, mags, small item organizers, and more. - Detachable harness.

- New MOLLE-10 webbing offers the ability to carry standard 3-row MOLLE accessories, with a 60% weight savings over standard 25mm MOLLE matrixes.

- New patent pending weapon-stowage features:

--- Ambidextrous concealed holster suitable for most handguns, including full-frame automatics.

--- Carbine scabbard for smaller-scale semi autos. Scabbard length = 19” compact mode; 23.5” extended mode.

For a larger version of this pack, check out the S45 Big Trick.

* This pack is not hip belt compatible.

Actual Weight = 3.8 lbs Shipping Dimensional Weight = 11 lbs

2.290,00 DKK
 På lager, leveringstid: 1-3 dage

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2.290,00 DKK



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Varenummer S27
Producent Eberlestock
Produktionsland Vietnam

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