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G4 Operator

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  • Pack Volume: 4,100 c.i. - 67 Liter

  • Scabbard Volume: 600 c.i. - 9,8 Liter

  • Total Volume: 4,700 c.i. - 77 Liter

  • Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz - 4,61 Kg.

  • Dimensions main bag: 27"h (68,58 cm) x 12"w (30,48 cm) x 10"d (25,4 cm)

  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L (86,36 cm) x 10"W 25,4 cm) x 3"D (7,62 cm), with a 26" (66,04 cm) circumference opening


  • Stowable compression and aux load attachment straps.

  • NEW Intex ll frame.-Wide bottom Backscabbard™ lets you carry rifle butt down or muzzle down.

  • High quality, extremely comfortable harness and waist belt. Compact for use with body armor and other gear, yet supportive.

  • New "shooter harness" is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths, and is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads.

  • New Drawstring central divider. Provides internal storage flexibility for your gear.

  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

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The G4 Operator is the ultimate scout/sniper pack. It represents everything that Eberlestock has learned about the needs of the professional military sniper community, and is a true go-to-war pack, derived from the lessons learned from our Phantom and Gunslinger products. This great battle-proven pack is the model chosen worldwide by many of the most elite special operations sniper teams, and others who carry multiple weapons. The scabbard folds into the bottom of the pack when not carrying a long gun, and the remaining space is an excellent load bay for things as diverse as laptops, satcom gear, mortar rounds, and PRC-117 class radios. System includes a GSTC Butt Cover for the scabbard, and a pull-out rain cover sized for the full pack. The G4 features two front-loading compartments, which can be use as a combined space if bulkier items are being carried. Other features include multiple exterior pockets, a removable LP1 Fanny-Top go bag, and the Intex II tubular aluminum frame.

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Varenummer G4M
Producent Eberlestock
Produktionsland Vietnam

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