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S.O. Tech

Helmet Mesh Adapter

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Pouch is adjustable and expands or contracts to accommodate your specific helmet. Upper lash straps cinch your load down tight to your pack or body. Attach anything from Spec Ops Helmet with night vision mount, to a wet poncho and running shoes, up to a full Kevlar Riot Helmet with face shield.

Made in the USA

Pris: 399,00 DKK

Specialpris: 339,00 DKK

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Coyote Brown

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Pris: 399,00 DKK

Specialpris: 339,00 DKK


The Need:
Operator's needed a way to carry their helmet and/or additional gear into the field without eating up much needed internal space of their packs and bags.

The Answer:
Our mesh cargo adapter is an easy-on, easy-off addition to any pack or MOLLE surface. Attached using our patented FLEX-TAB™ system, this sturdy system has been wind-tunnel tested to withstand over 650 knots of wind.

Although specifically designed to attach to the Mission Pack, Micro (MP-M), this accessory cargo mesh attachment can be used on any Mission Pack or PALS-compatible surface.

Yderligere information

Varenummer MP-HGAP
Producent S.O. Tech
Produktionsland USA

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