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OTTE Gear Gaiters

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  • Product info

  • These extra-tough Otte Gear gaiters are built to endure harsh temperatures, rough terrain and use with crampons, snow shoes and skis.

  • · Extra circumference around the entire leg allows for the thick layers of clothing worn in extreme conditions.

  • · Sized to fit over General Issue combat boots, light hiking boots, plastic or leather mountaineering boots.

  • · Super abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura® nylon lowers deflect nicks from skis and crampons, uppers are made from lighter 330D Cordura® nylon.

  • · Velcro openings allow quick on/off; top hem closes with and adjustable elastic cord to ensure gaiters stay up, even in deep snow.

  • · Adjustable and super durable Hypalon rubber straps keep the gaiter from riding up in deep snow or mud.

  • · Changing the amount of overlap on the 2-inch wide Velcro closure adjusts the circumference, allowing a fit over different boots and clothing systems.

  • · Average weight: 12.5 oz./354 grams per pair

  • Gaiter sizes fit U.S. (Euro) boot sizes as follows:

  • · Small fits men's sizes 4 - 7 (Euro 36-40)

  • · Medium fits men's sizes 6 - 9 (Euro 38-42)

  • · Large fits men's sizes 8 – 11 (Euro 41-45)

  • · X Large fits men's sizes 10 - 13 (Euro 43-47)

  • · XX Large fits men’s sizes 12-15 (Euro 46-50)

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499,00 DKK



It all started with the goal of making the best clothing for the guys with the world’s most demanding job: American combat troops. We decided from the start that we did not want to be told how to make our gear, what fabric or designs to use, or which suppliers we had to buy from. We just wanted to make the best stuff we could using the best materials available anywhere. It was a lofty goal.

When U.S. troops were deployed in the global war on terror, the clothing systems they had did not perform. They were heavy, stiff and didn’t breathe. They definitely weren’t cut for the modern, athletic warrior.

OTTE was conceived to fill that gap. We began by supplying door kickers, good guys and bad-asses worldwide. Now we outfit shooters, hunters, overlanders, and backcountry travelers across the globe. Not to mention guys preparing for the Zombie apocalypse.


OTTE Gear is designed for folks going light, fast and hard. Our product offering is tight because we are focused. Using the most innovative materials available, we design products capable of handling extremely demanding situations like the best waterproof/breathable rainwear and the toughest stretch woven jackets and pants. Our unique background and POV means we also pay close attention to fit and styling.

The OTTE Gear crew

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Varenummer OTTE-OG
Producent OTTE Gear
Produktionsland USA

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