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Razor 3L

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Razor 3L

Razor is a low profile hydration pouch system, specially designed for integration with MOLLE/PALS based ballistic vests and load bearing equipment. The ultra slim design increases comfort for riding in a vehicle or wear under rucks, and makes it easier to operate in tight spaces.

MOLLE attachment

The Razor carrier attaches to the vest using the MOLLE system. Its reduced profile design is far more comfortable than conventional hydration systems when riding in a vehicle or wearing a rucksack.


Length ....................... 13.7”/35 cm

Width.......................... 9.8”/25 cm

Max. Depth.................. 2.7”/7 cm

Weight (pack).............. 0.25Kg / 0.55Lbs

649,00 DKK
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649,00 DKK


  • MOLLE Compatible System Securely attaches to vests and packs with MOLLE/PALS attachments.
  • Velcro Top Opening Offers quick and easy reservoir access for cleaning, draining or refilling.
  • Cool Insulation Closed cell insulation keeps liquids cool for better absorption by the body.
  • D-Ring Attachment Buckle For easy mounting on non-MOLLE items.
  • Fast Disassembly Specially designed MOLLE attachment straps for quick on/off.
    Condensation Drain Port Drains condensation from the insulated reservoir sleeve.
  • MOLLE/PAL Attachment Multiple MOLLE rows for attachment of pouches and pockets.
  • ID tags Velcro strip holds ID tags.
  • Adjustable Mounting Level Razor’s position on the vest can be easily altered for a customized fit.
    To raise the positioning:
    1) Thread both MOLLE straps through the first row of Razor webbing
    2) Thread the remaining strap through the MOLLE loops on your vest.
  • UTA™ Compatible The QMT™ quick connector can be paired with Our accessory UTA™ (sold separately) to refill the Razor from bottles, spigots, and mobile water carriers directly through the drinking tube without removing it from the back.


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Varenummer Razor-3l
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Produktionsland Israel

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