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S.O. Tech

Saw/Dump/2 Quart Canteen Pouch

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• Can be worn as a drop leg rig or attached to any PALS compatible vest or harness. 

• Will hold 7.62mm belts, SAW drums, M4 mags, smokes, NOD’s, or binoculors. 

• Removable elastic insert let’s you drop empty mags into bag or to retrieve flashbangs. 

• PALS webbing on both sides.

Made in the USA

Note: Non-standard colors may carry a longer production lead time. Please call for availability.

Pris: 849,00 DKK

Specialpris: 424,50 DKK

 På lager, leveringstid: 1-3 dage

Saw/Dump/2 Quart Canteen Pouch

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Pris: 849,00 DKK

Specialpris: 424,50 DKK


BLOCS: Battle Load Carry System
Designed in conjunction with the Army’s most elite units, BLOCS was constructed with durability, high mobility and versatility in mind. BLOCS is a universal system that can be figured out to suit any special operations mission. From direct action to vehicle patrols, even rural/long range operations. BLOCS can be modified to suit the individual soldier’s preference or specific situation by simply adding or removing pouches. Our tactical pouch line utilizes 500 Denier® Cordura. All of our pouches are constructed from this material because we have found it to be approximately 40% lighter than the 1000 Denier®, yet suffering only a 10% reduction in durability. All items in our BLOCS line utilize S.O.TECH's Flex-Tab(patent pending). Flex-Tab™ is a simple, safe, and strong system that integrates 100% with all current issue PALS packs, pouches and vests. In addition, it allows for a faster and stronger pouch attachment than other designs. And with our products, they come with a lifetime warranty.

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Varenummer BSD2QCP
Producent S.O. Tech
Produktionsland USA

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