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Eberlestock - G3 "Phantom" Sniper Pack

Eberlestock G3 "Phantom" Sniper Pack (as seen in the pictures)

Volume: 2700 c.i. (44 liter)

System Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz. (3,75 kg.)

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    The Phantom introduces a new type of tactical pack system; it's the first product that provides an integrated drag bag and backpack.  It allows you to carry your heavy weapon in the backpack, either with or without the concealing top-cover.  If the cover is not mounted, you can withdraw a full-scale sniper weapon from the pack very quickly.  Or, with the cover over the weapon, nobody needs to know what you are carrying.  And if you leave the Control Clips undone, you can still pull the gun right out.

    The photo at left shows the scabbard-turned-drag bag, and the re-configured pack.  Note that the waistbelt can be removed, and the harness can be mounted to the bag so that the pack can be used as a conventional, non-scabbard pack.

    The modular system lets you choose how much or how little of the system you need for your mission:  The full set, just the Backscabbard, just the pack, or a drag bag.

    The Phantom pack is a Gunslinger-sized pack in its main load bay, but offers a little more capacity because it is equipped with outboard hydration/radio pockets.  It offers the ability to remove the bag and straps from the patented Backscabbard™, which can then be combined with the top-cover to make an excellent drag bag.

    It's a front-loader, with two levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining its interior, PALS racks inside and out, and a fold-down shelf that can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers.

    A plasticized mesh "rack" on the back wall of the upper chamber can be used to carry larger radios or other items.

    It will carry two 3-liter hydration kits, mounted in side pockets.

    It features a longer waistbelt, with a 5 x 3 PALS matrix on each side.

    The Phantom incorporates Eberlestock's unique approach to a variable-length gun case / drag bag, and allows you to carry a wide variety of tactical weapons.  It will accommodate most light arms that military and police forces use. 

    The top-cover incorporates a pull-out sleeve that goes over the butt of the rifle and the optics.  It provides a good amount of overlap for keeping debris out of the gun compartment when dragging.  The bag can fully enclose a weapon up to 60" in length.

    The pack includes a lightweight pull-out rain cover, which stows in a pocket on the bottom of the main compartment.  It can be used to cover the whole pack and the weapon that's being carried, or just the pack -- so that you can pull your weapon from the Backscabbard™.

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