VIPER Plate Carrier Vest

Ultra lightweight, low visibility, and modular plate carrier vest. Made out of 500 Denier Cordura® and strategically designed for maximum protection and utility, without the weight.

Weight of vest 1.3 lbs 
(500 Denier Cordura®, Front and Rear panel set-up without optional side pouches)

Made in the USA

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    Front/Rear panels and shoulder strap routing sleeves ONLY.
    (Additional accessory pouches sold separately)

    • Low profile front and rear hard plate carrier can hold MBAV cut soft armor as needed. 
    • (3) Internal magazine pouches bungee retention holds M-4, M-14, SCAR-H, and AK-47 magazines. 
    • Built-in front communications controller/admin pouch (holds Garmin) with side routing to minimize snag hazards. Top-opening and can be secured open. 
    • Flat map pocket hidden under front Admin pouch. 
    • Side pouch system locks into place with new S.O.TECH HVAS attachment system (patent pending). Enabling multiple configurations for a variety of body sizes. 

    Available accessory components: 
    a. Side plate/ insert pouch. b. Magazine shingle 
    c. Magazine pouch (M-4/SCAR-H and/or radios) 
    d. Radio/Comm pouch 
    e. Fold-down MBTR-CDR radio pouch 
    f. GP/5.56-7.62 link/snack/dump/storage/IFAK pouch 
    g. Admin Insert 
    h. Additional pouches to be released 

    • Removable routing sleeves and shoulder pads are provided on the shoulder straps and side straps. Routing sleeves conceal the hydration tubes, communications cabling, and comm wires to/from the built-in hydration bladder pocket. 
    • Side straps and shoulder straps are sewn webbing- to-webbing, not webbing to Cordura®, to increase frame strength of the vest. 
    • 1.5 inch side buckles can be adjusted to sit in front, middle, or rear of torso, based on operator preference. 
    • Increased range of motion for both arms. 
    • No obstruction to shoulder weapon. 
    • More comfortable when the operator is vehicle mounted (no hydration bladder hump).

    Note: Non-standard colors may carry a longer production lead time. Please call for availability.

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