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S.O. Tech

Slimline Medical Backpack

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• Stiff yet collapsible

• Multiple removable pouches

• Each pouch has a Velcro® field for a High Vis Label Set (Included)

• Keeps your medical items or gear organized

• Customize your equipment for each mission

• Can be hung on the wall or vehicle for easy access

• 4 Interchangeable pouches total

• Center Velcro® Strip to secure it into Mission Packs

• Fits into a Mission Pack Expedition, Trek, and Urban

• Can be worn as a backpack

• Material: 500D Cordura®

• Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA 

2.650,00 DKK
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2.650,00 DKK


SLIVER can be used as a hanging panel, a drop-in pack organizer, a portable panel insert for the Mission Pack (MP) series or as a stand-alone slim line medical backpack.

SLIVER measures less than 4” depth when folded and zipped closed.

Comprised of a panel with multiple pouches and sectionals that can be removed and rearranged to suit the mission or operator's preference.

Panel can be hung on a wall, carried as a stand alone medical pack, dropped into a Mission Pack (MP) as an in-pack removable organizer, or laid on the ground next to the patient to provide an organized method of accessing medical supplies and treating in the field.

Transport with convenient backpack straps or drop into current issue Mission Medical Packs (MPMD) and Mission Packs (MP). Interchangeable, high-visibility Velcro®-brand labels identifies each of the individual pouches and their contents.


Note: Non-standard colors may carry a longer production lead time. Please call for availability.

Also available is the SLIVER FILLED (SLIVER-F), a SLIVER fully loaded with medical supplies for a mission-ready kit. Call (800) 615-9007 for pricing and a complete list of the kit contents.

Dimensions: Length x Width x Depth 
19 in. x 12 in. x 4 in.

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Varenummer SLIVER
Producent S.O. Tech
Produktionsland USA

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